The Touchy Subject of Payday Lending

In recent years, there has been quite a bit of negative backlash towards payday loans. So much negativity in fact, that it has become illegal in some states and very highly regulated. With all the criticism, some do fail to consider the benefits that payday loans offer to the less fortunate and what it does to help them. It is very easy to criticize something when you are well fed and do not have growing stacks of unpaid bills looming over you.

At the basic level, a payday loan is a short term loan of a small amount that is held against the borrower’s next paycheck. Why do this? If you need money now for groceries or to pay a late electricity bill, payday loans can be applied for quickly with approval in minutes (if done online). There are no credit checks so a borrower can have poor credit or even no credit history.

In the end, if a borrower needs a quick way to get back on their feet, payday lending is a very good option. It can be quick if time is short and can be up to $1,000 if a hefty bill needs to be covered. These loans can get a borrower out of hot water fast and easy, and back on track to a carefree way of life.

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